Don't Drive Drunk Press Kit



Winglett Entertainment - Matthew & Gareth

Release Date:

Early 2018






Don't Drive Drunk is an endless drunk driving arcade game. Drive for as long as you can in a variety of awesome collectible cars through a beautiful procedural low poly environment while under the influence (not in real life!).

Earn coins as you drive to spend on the wheel of fortune and unlock new vehicles. The game currently includes 25 unique vehicles, from forklifts to sports cars to snow plows!

The environment procedurally places all our assets, so you'll have a unique experience with each gameplay. You can take the game at your own pace, however the faster you go the faster your score goes up, but also the harder it gets!

As gamers, we feel the frustration of playing mobile games these days - ads and more ads with the tiniest little 'x' button colored the same way as the background making it impossible to find. Because of these experiences, one of our biggest goals was to prioritize the player's experience. We chose not to show any intrusive ads, rather we opted for ads that the player voluntarily views in exchange for a reward.


  • Non intrusive ads - we put the player's experience first
  • Experience the dangerous effects of drunk driving
  • Beautiful low poly procedural environment - a unique experience every time!
  • 25 collectible cars each with a unique personality
  • Free to play - doesn't break the bank!

Who Is Winglett Entertainment?

Winglett Entertainment is a two member team, comprised of a programmer and an artist. We are based in New Zealand and have been friends for many years. Recently we decided to combine our skills in a long journey to do what we love - make games! Don't Drive Drunk is our first game as a team and we are sure it won't be the last!






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